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For over 30 years the founder of Colt Hayden Homes has always thought outside the box when it came to construction and is a leader in custom ICF, insulated concrete forms, stick built homes and Barndominium construction.

Colt Hayden Homes Services

Residential Construction

Colt Hayden Homes is a leader when it comes to using innovated construction methods. For example, ICF (insulated concrete form) basements, Barndominiums and traditional stick built homes.

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Commercial Construction

Colt Hayden Homes works exclusively with Core NRG Systems for all commercial ICF, steel or concrete projects. No matter if it is a hotel to multi-family complex. The job will be done satisfaction.

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Construction Concierge

Colt Hayden Homes through its exclusive construction concierge program will help you use your sweat equity in building your home. Your dream is a click away, don't hesitate to hang your hat in a Colt Hayden Home.

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"From the initial meeting on our lot to the final design of the home, our experience was an A+. They helped us lay the house out on the lot so we got the best sunlight and even gave us some ideas that we didn't think about for a walkout basement."

- John & Michelle S.

What We Build

ICF Houses


ENERGY EFFICIENCY: R-23 or more. No air leakage. High mass walls.

AFFORDABLE: Factory direct pricing. Energy Tax Incentives.

SOUND RETENTION: Equal to commercial “privacy” walls –STC 53 or more.

WIND RESISTANCE: Resists 200 mph deadly winds and debris.

FIRE RETARDANT: Preferred for “fire” walls – Typical 2 hour Fire Rating on concrete.

MOLD RESISTANCE: Forms and concrete do not contribute to mold growth.

ENVIRONMENTAL: Conserve natural resources and reduce fuel consumption.


These building components reduce the carbon output and environmental impact without sacrificing superior strength and performance.


Energy prices continue to rise and the only line of defense is to build an envelope using super efficient concrete structures. Insulated Concrete provides the world’s strongest, most energy efficient building envelope. Whether you are building a home, shop, safe room, school, or hotel, LiteForm can be used in any building project. The forms resist deadly winds and fire and are earth friendly. The patented hinge tie makes shipping and handling simple compared to solid block ICF’s.

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Stick Built Houses


The most widely used construction method. Colt Hayden Homes is about giving the customer what they want. That’s why building the old fashioned way is still a proven method for construction. It is important to trust proven methods rather than risking uncertainty in shaping your future home before breaking ground.


When you are building a new home it’s generally one of the largest purchases and investments you will make in your lifetime. The degree of care and attention to detail matter; therefore, you don’t want to take short cuts like cutting costs to purchase cheaper construction options, building with lumber allows us to give the homeowner the budget they need to build their dream home.

30+ Years Experience

When building with lumber, Colt Hayden Homes uses it’s 30+ years in building quality custom homes to build you the homeowner your one of a kind dream home.

When building with lumber, Colt Hayden Homes uses it’s 30+ years of experience building quality, customized homes and navigating the challenges in the construction industry to build you your one of a kind dream home. Our experience is a cornerstone of our business and helps us build homes of the highest quality in communities and neighborhoods that you care about.

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Colt Hayden Homes works exclusively with Stacee Lynn and the team over at Our BARNDOMINIUM Life. Stacee Lynn designs every Barndo that Cole Hayden Homes builds.

The term is a combination of two words  – Barn and Condominium. In short answer it is a a residential home that is built using unconventional residential construction techniques, usually steel.

NOTE: Colt Hayden Homes did not build or design this Barndominium.

This type of construction are found in other parts of the United States and under all different kinds of construction methods. At the end of the day, people are looking for that massive open floor, high ceiling concept and the Barndo, gives you that desired look and feel!

Cost of a Barndo can be cheaper then other forms and here at Colt Hayden Homes, we incorporate all methods that suit your budget!


If high ceilings and a open floor plan is what you are looking for then you want a Barndo! Hands down the most superior construction method out there to achieve that.


The Barndo concept and the materials used make this build one that will last for a very long time. The use of steel and steel products help in deter insects. Helps with the energy cost we all strive to save on in our home and that street appeal is second to none.

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Let's Build Together

If you ever thought building a custom home was out of reach, think again! Colt Hayden Homes will make your dream of making your house a home come true. We want to build stability and integrity in every build while adding the personal touches that matter to you, that will give you the sense of style and personality your custom home deserves.

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