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One of the first ever total Barndominium communities

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Our Barndominium Life & Core NRG Holdings Announce Stacee Lynn - The Barndo Lady The Exclusive Barndo Designer @ Tattered Lives Farms First All Barndo Community in the US

Hello friends, we’re at it again.  Today, I am thrilled to tell you about a wonderful new collaboration between Our BARNDOMINIUM Life and Core NRG Holdings of North Carolina.

Core NRG Holdings is help building the rental community for Tattered Lives Farm in North Carolina. As best as we can determine, Tattered Lives Farm is the very first ALL Barndominium branded community in the country.

This unique development is located just outside of Maple Hill, North Carolina and will feature Barndos designed exclusively by me!  That’s right, Our BARNDOMINIUM Life and the Barndominium Lady will be the sole designer for the initial 40+ Barndominiums in the development, available now and another 100+ available Barndos in late fall in their next development called Three Ponds.  The exclusive builder will be Colt Hayden Homes.

And what makes this development even more special is that – while it is open to all – it especially caters to military service members and their families, active duty and retired.  And, the community just happens to be located near the Marine Corps Training Facility, Camp Lejeune – Semper Fi!  The developer, builders, and designers of Tattered Lives Farm all have strong military roots, and we are proud to develop this first of its kind, quality community with our service members in mind.

Our Barndominium Life | Barndo Floor Plans & Custom Designs has designed a very special series of Barndos created just for Tattered Lives Farm and Colt Hayden Homes.  This new Barndo series is called – The Patriot Collection and is exclusively for Tattered Lives Farm by Stacee Lynn.  Colt Hayden Homes is a leader in custom steel framed buildings and ICF residential structures – perfect for a Barndominium.  We will start releasing sneak peeks of the Patriot Collection very soon.  We want to you to have the flavor of what is to come.

We are so excited to partner with the Core NRG Holdings Team on this unique project.  The Patriot Collection Barndos will sit on half acre lots in beautiful Tattered Lives Farm.  Homes will start in the mid $250s.  I am honored to be selected as the exclusive Barndominium designer for this exceptional new community.

For those of you that choose to become a Barndo owner in Tattered Lives Farm – we believe you are in for a wonderful experience – it’s not just the Barndo home… it’s the Barndo way of life.  You’re going to like this and remember once you live in one of these homes – you’ll never look at a metal building the same way again.

Thanks Core NRG Holdings and Colt Hayden Homes for letting us be part of a team to help others’ dreams become reality in the exclusive Barndominium Community of Tattered Lives Farm in North Carolina.  And to you future home buyers – welcome to this Stacee Lynn designed community.

I am so excited about this collaboration!  How about that – 150 more Barndos for North Carolina!  Have wonderful day!

Colt Hayden Homes is a one stop shop

Colt Hayden Homes wants to make your home building experience easy as it can be. We do that by helping you control has many of your controllables as possible.

With all the information out there when it comes to financing your new home, sometimes it gets overwhelming and because of that we teamed up with Academy Mortgage and you can get preapproved and be designing your new home in not time.

Be assured, unlike other builders who nickle and dime you to death, Colt Hayden Homes will NOT do that. We do not take any extra fees from the lender, unlike other builders.

What are you waiting for? Get a clicking on your new home!

Colt Hayden Homes philosophy

The philosophy of Colt Hayden Homes is pretty simple. Give the homeowner a custom home within their budget!

There is no reason a builder can’t give a homeowner a upgrade on a product they are spending hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on.

At Colt Hayden Homes we have line budget items based on your desired cost of your home. From there you can move those budgets around financially to take money away from one item and add that money to a different budget item.

That is how you give your customers a custom built home. Let them make it their own.

Colt Hayden Homes was born

As Core NRG Holdings and its subsidiary Core NRG Developments took off in the North Carolina housing market. Core NRG Systems and it’s energy efficient way to build was born. Then covid-19 hit and everything came to a halt. After retooling the Core NRG brand of companies, Core NRG Systems became the supplier for the newly formed Colt Hayden Homes. This allows a separation from the supplier from the builder. Core NRG Systems can stay focused on it’s strong commercial construction background and not scare homeowner into thinking what is a commercial contractor building residential homes for.

Let’s welcome Colt Hayden Homes to the family.