Colt Hayden Homes Concierge Program

You can sleep better at night when you know you are controlling your controlables! Using the Colt Hayden Homes Concierge service when you are building your new home you get that helping hand without all the financial overhead cost when it comes to building a new home. In short, you keep more money in your budget to do with what you want in your new home. Now that is a WIN, WIN!

The program was born out of homeowners wanting to take more charge of their home building experience and through the years as more and more information on the internet was available for homeowners to help them with the process, the founder of Colt Hayden Homes knew it was time to start a service to help the homeowners achieve this goal.

The Process

So you want to build a home and you want to act as your own general contractor or want an extra set of eyes keeping an eye on the building process of your new home through another builder.

Regardless of what the scenario is, Colt Hayden Homes and our Construction Concierge program allows for flexibility and assurance for you the homeowner you are getting a service that fits your needs.

To often we hear builders push the homeowners into products or situations that fit that builders agenda and that just should be how people should be treated when this is one of your biggest life purchases you will make.

That is why the majority of our customer have us help them from day one. The small 2% fee of the overall project is well worth it when you are talking spending any amount of money on something like your home.

Through our construction concierge program we help you from day one if you need or only as you need us. We can help you find land, help you with the style of home and the layout on the land. We can help with financing with one of our preferred lenders, even if you are not building with Colt Hayden Homes.

We use our 30+ years to help with your house design and layout as we listen to your wants and needs. We are those extra set of experienced eyes if you are building with another builder and not Colt Hayden Homes. We can attend construction meetings with customers so they feel comfortable. We can help the process not be so scary.

You will instantly be getting 30+ years of construction knowledge at your fingertips. Access to hidden construction secrets, ideas to help you maximize our construction budget and helping you through the ever annoying subcontractor nightmares.

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Once you sign the Colt Hayden Homes concierge contract, we are off and running! We start immediately in helping you with all aspect of the construction process that will be happening. We are with you every step of the way!

The biggest we often get is do we buy land first or design our house first. Answer: buy the land! You need a piece of property or neighborhood you want to live on  or in. That by far is the most important task.

Once you found your designed location, now it’s time to start taking every sketch, photo, Pinterest idea or idea from your mind and start putting it to an actual working floor plan.

Your lot will have a lot to do with your design. Maybe you will have a walkout basement. Maybe it is a enclosed screened in porch facing the west or where you want your patio or wall of windows facing. A builder who just wants to throw up your home for profit reasons isn’t always in the mindset of what would be best or even desired by the homeowner, it doesn’t fit their predesigned models.

We can come out to your lot to help you visualize how the house will be situated on the lot. This is probably one of the most important areas most want our help with because it is hard to vision something that isn’t visible.

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The Build

Now we are into the heart of the project. Homeowners who want to build their own homes, still have to use subcontractors for some portion of their construction. By using the Colt Hayden Homes concierge program we help you navigate a really tough industry. Whether you are looking for bids, trying to understand bid or wondering if the subcontractor did the job right. Our concierge program helps you through every step.

Knowledge at this point is priceless and that is what you are getting through the construction concierge program. Thirty plus years of knowledge to help you navigate through a really savage process. We have done video conferences with you the homeowner and another builder or we have been onsite help the homeowner pick out flaws that they may have not noticed or not know what to look for.

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Almost there!

You are almost there. You decided to go with a tract builder because you loved the community but wanted those extra set of eyes and knowledge you get with our construction concierge program. We have had hundreds of phone calls, facetimes, zoom calls and face to face meetings and as each hurdle popped up during your construction project when you reached out we were there to help you navigate the situation.

That is what the Colt Hayden Homes construction concierge program is all about, you, the homeowner!

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Time to move in!

You made it! You went with a local tract builder but knowing this was going to be one of your biggest investments in your life, you paid the 2% construction concierge fee and we started right away as a team! You should be very proud of yourself for building your dream home or maybe your starter home.

If you want this to be you, contact us and let Colt Hayden Homes help you get started!

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Let's Get Building

Did you ever think building a custom home was out of reach?

Think again, Colt Hayden Homes will make your dreams come true!

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