Residential Construction

Colt Hayden Homes builds custom homes with ICF (insulated concrete forms), traditional stick built or steel (barndominium).


We would love to tell you that you can do whatever you want design-wise when it comes to a stick built home, but that would require us to lie. Lumber can only do so much compared to concrete or steel. Regardless what material you build with, we will give  you the best product possible within your budget.

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Colt Hayden Homes builds custom built ICF homes. Truly, 100% custom! You bring us your idea and we fit it into your budget! No matter if it’s a starter home or a mansion, Colt Hayden Homes treats every homeowner’s dream house the same and gives every customer the same quality construction and customer service. ICF construction has been around for decades and Colt Hayden Homes works closely with Core NRG Systems when it comes to a ICF Home.

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Have you caught the craze? If not you will! The Barndominium and it’s construction methods, mostly steel structures allows a truly hope area with no post or beams. Our founder build houses like that back in the 2000’s but they were called a garage with livable space. Now that these structures and building method has a name, Colt Hayden Homes exclusively works with Stacee Lynn of Our BARNDOMINIUM Life.

NOTE: Colt Hayden Homes did not build or design the photo’d house

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Did you ever think building a custom home was out of reach?

Think again, Colt Hayden Homes will make your dreams come true!

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