Bobby & Melanie H.

Scared is an understatement to describe our first meeting, but even through the ups and downs of the construction process, we always got our questions answered and explained throughly, that helped so much!

John & Michelle S.

From the initial meeting on our lot to the final design of the home, our experience was an A+. They helped us lay the house out on the lot so we got the best sunlight and even gave us some ideas that we didn't think about for a walkout basement. Not sure we would build again since we love our home but if so, we would totally do it again with them.

Bill & Julie L.

This was our third house we built and we're totally sold on the concrete home. We did our own research and we knew we didn't want a paper home. Good job!

Scott & Beth R.

Friends warned us about their experience of building a new home but have to be honest, our experience wasn't anything like theirs and maybe since they were building with a custom only builder compared to a cookie cutter home builder. Communication from the site supervisor to the main office was great and when we wanted  changes, they sat us down and gave us the pros and cons of what we were asking for and allowed us to make the decision.

Bob & Teresa L.

We wanted to downsize but didn't want to give up the features we liked in our bigger home. They were able to give us the open floor plan so we could continue our big family get togethers.

Steve & Paul B.

They said bring us your ideas so Paul and I brought them all our ideas and they put them all together into our budget, which we love because it allowed us to move money were we wanted it to go.